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    PT. Karunia Jasindo established in 2002 as an importer and distributor of laboratory reagents, instruments, accessories, and provide laboratory instruments service/repair. Reagents are chemical compounds used in laboratory tests and experiments in research and development generally. We are exclusive agents for Tedia Chemical, USA, and Kanto Chemicals, Japan, among others.

      Very high purity is required of all reagents and it is essential that they should come up to all established quality levels. Kanto Chemicals conform to all existing specification, such as the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), while Tedia Chemicals to American Society Standards (ACS). Kanto Chemicals is introducing 30.000 items while Tedia Chemicals as the largest OEM business with its focus production on solvents, offers more than 500 items.

      High quality laboratory instruments are mandatory for obtaining accurate analytical result. As authorized agent/distributor for As-One, Japan, and Sibata, Japan, we provide highly standard laboratory instruments to meet with market demand.

      Our company puts special emphasis on providing customers with wide choices of laboratory items, quick, thorough service and, for this purpose, maintains a highly developed distribution network across the country. Our products are also known to various industry and manufacturer in the country.

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